Where Is The Best Place To Buy Lumber In Nashville, TN?

Buying lumber from a big box store is very convenient. However, what most people don’t realize, is that it’s extremely expensive. In addition, the quality of the wood can be very poor. Especially depending on the day you go to the store to buy your wood. If you go on from late Saturday thru Monday, it’s likely the wood on the shelves have been picked over and you are going to be left with the wood that is extremely warped or twisted. Using wood that isn’t straight can make an easy project turn into a nightmare.

Below, I’ll cover some of the best places I’ve found in the Nashville area to buy rough cut lumber. Many times, you’ll find a potential supplier for lumber but then show up at the store only to find out that the store only sells to contractors or pros. I’ve sorted thru those stores below. Anyone can visit the locations below to buy wood to build their next kitchen table or other DIY project.

Rough cut lumber can come in many different forms, but overall it is MUCH CHEAPER than buying at a big box store. To help prepare you for a trip to the lumber yard, I’ve created a guide to help you know what to expect when going to a lumber store or yard for the first time. It really isn’t as intimidating as you might think! To see my guide, click on this link.

Best Places to Find Lumber in Nashville

Mimm’s Lumber

This company has been in Nashville for several years and is family owned. They offer a wide variety of hardwood and softwood lumbers. You’ll find all the common species such as Oak and Cherry. However, they also carry a large assortment of exotic woods such as Bloodwood, Purple Heart and African Teak. In addition to lumber, they also carry several different species of plywood as well as MDF up to 5/8 of an inch thick.

Customers who have visited Mimm’s Lumber are blown away by the selection of wood that is available, both in species and in the various dimensions. Mr. Randy Mimm’s has a wealth of knowledge and is more than willing to help you decide on the perfect type of wood needed for your next project. He won’t pressure you into buying something you don’t need or want either.

In order to obtain pricing for their lumber, you’ll need to give them a call or visit their store. Keep in mind, if this the first time you’ve purchased wood from a lumber supply company, pricing is done in board feet, not just a straight sticker price like you’ll find at a big box store.

Address: 1955 Nolensville Road, Nashville, TN 37211

Phone: (615) 770-2802

Business Hours: Monday thru Friday – 7:30am till 4:00pm

Website: https://www.mimmslumber.com/

Woodstock Vintage Lumber

This company has been in Nashville since the mid 1990’s. Woodstock Vintage Lumber is a great resource if you are looking for reclaimed wood. They have everything when it comes to reclaimed wood. You can find everything from old beams that you can cut into a fireplace to planks that have a unique history that you can make into shelves or even an accent wall in your home.

Woodstock Vintage Lumber also has an impressed offering of custom woodworking services. If you decide a project might be bigger than your level of experience, you can work with them to make your concept into reality.

The great thing about this company is that they have the capability to process the wood to whatever level you need. Don’t have a planer at the house, WVL offers that option as an add on service. Or perhaps, your looking to keep the complete character of the board, you can elect to purchase the wood as is. Not many lumber companies offer this wide range of services. Pricing on these services (as well as the base costs of their wood) is very competitive and probably a bit lower than other places.

If you want to check out their inventory, give them a call. They prefer that you call to set up an appointment so they can get an idea of what you are looking for ahead of time.

Phone: (615) 401-7117

Business Hours: Monday thru Thursday – 8:00am – 4:30pm; Friday – 8:00am – 12:00pm

Website: http://woodstockvintagelumber.com/

If you are considering reclaimed wood for your next project, check out my article on how to treat reclaimed wood for bugs and insects!

Good Wood Nashville

Good Wood Nashville is a more recent startup in the Nashville lumber community. They were started in 2012 when the owner saw there was a lack of offering for reclaimed wood in the Nashville area.

Good Wood Nashville has a warehouse/showroom of approximately 15,000 square feet. They offer a very wide range of reclaimed wood options. You can find anything from a regular dimensional sized piece of oak or mohagany to beams that have been used in barn or church for 100 years or more.

Though pricey (everywhere not just at GWN) you can even find boards that were used as flooring in boxcar trains. The character of these boards are unmatched and can’t be replicated.

Good Wood Nashville also has an impressive collection of live edge slabs of wood. Live edge slabs are extremely popular right now to use as tables. Each slab is unique and unlike any other.

Address: 1307 Dickerson Pike, Nashville TN, 37207

Phone: (615) 454-3817

Business Hours: Monday thru Friday – 8:00am till 5:00pm

Website: https://goodwoodnashville.com/

Haney Family Sawmill

Haney Family Sawmill is a different option than the ones I’ve listed above. HFS is a true sawmill and doesn’t have a “store” like the options listed above. They are also located about an hour east of downtown Nashville.

HFS was founded in 2015 and has a great selection of rough cut lumber. They also have excellent pricing for the lumber that they sell. The other great thing about working directly with a sawmill is they usually have options available to their customers that other stores may not.

One of the services that HFS offers is that you can bring a log or tree to them and they will cut it up for you. So, if an old oak tree at your grandparents house falls during a storm, you can take it to this sawmill and have them cut it into pieces of lumber that you can use for your next project. It’s an awesome feeling to save a fallen tree that has sentimental value and turn it into a heirloom piece of furniture that future generations can enjoy!

Address: 11130 Nashville Highway, Liberty, TN 37095

Phone: (615) 536-6163

Business Hours: Monday thru Friday – 8:00am till 5:00pm

Website: https://haneyfamilysawmill.com/


These are my top locations for finding reclaimed wood and rough cut wood in the Nashville area. Feel free to add any other locations that you like in the comments below!