General Beginner Tools

Below is a list of tools that I suggest for those just starting out. Chances are you may find that you already have several of the tools. I’ve tried to provide a good balance of quality and price for these tools. Even if you decide not to pursue woodworking, these tools will be very helpful to have around your house or apartment. Total price of all the items listed below is around $110 at the time of this article being written.

Hammer: Cheaper hammers can be found on Amazon or your local hardware store. However, this 16oz Estwing hammer is a great value. The reviews on this hammer are excellent. I’d suggest paying a little more for a tool that will always come in handy and take some beatings!

Screwdriver Set – It’s always good to have a set of screwdrivers around the house. This set by Stanley is a good mix of quality and price. You can pick this 8 piece set up for less than $25.

Tape Measure – I would recommend getting a 25 foot tape measure. This should handle the majority of measurements that you need to take care of around your house. The particular model I’m suggesting here is made by Stanley.

Rafter Angle: A rafter angle is needed for marking straight lines on wood to cut. It’s also good to use to ensure you have a perfect 90 degree angle. This particular angle is just a generic brand, but since it’s metal it should last a while.

8″ Level: Another Stanley product here. This is for a 8″ level. These are used all the time as a woodworker. Also super helpful to have around the house for hanging pictures and shelves!

24″ Level: If you only have the budget for one level, I would pick up the smaller one for now. However, a 24″ version is also very handy to have around. I recommend this one by Stanley.

Safety Googles: I love these safety goggles from Dewalt. They are large enough that they don’t create any blind spots which is important when I’m working with power tools. They are very comfortable and have vents that help prevent them from fogging up. Plus, having the bright yellow edge makes them easy to find in my garage.

Ear Protection: The Mpow branded ear muffs are a great value. This set of ear muffs can lower the noise level around you by approximately 28dB’s. At this price, there’s no excuse for not picking up a pair to protect your hearing!