About Me

Hello! My name is Scott Curry. Thank you for visiting my site! I became interested in woodworking as a kid watching my dad work in his two car garage shop. Once I became old enough, he let me cut some basic designs out on his old Craftsman scroll saw and I became hooked!

After college, I moved back to my hometown and bought a home. Now that I have my own shop, that passion has continued. In fact, much of my shop is made up of the exact same saws and tools that I watch him work on for so many years. I’m teaching my two kids on the same saws I learned on which is exciting.

I admittedly get bored easily. I’m also interested in new challenges, therefore I jump around from completely different projects all the time. My most recent project was building a homemade CNC router. It was a long and frustrating road, but I finally finished it a few months ago and love it.

I put this site together to pass along tips and advice on things I’ve learned over the years. I’ve also been described as “cheap” (I think it’s a compliment), and hope to give information that saves you money when you go to make a purchase for your shop. There’s so many tools and gadgets on the market that it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new purchase and end up with a product of low quality or one that never gets used.

Again, thank you for visiting my site. I really appreciate it!